Equity Guard Biweekly
for Homeowners

A Few Facts About Paying Your Mortgage Monthly*

  • You will pay back nearly three times what you originally borrowed.
  • After paying for 10 years you will still owe 90% of what you borrowed.
  • After paying for 15 years you will still owe 80% of what you borrowed.
Example: A $100,000 mortgage at 9.5% on a 30 year loan costs $840 a month. After paying for ten years (or $100,800) the balance of the mortgage is only $90,208. After paying for 15 years (or $151,200) the balance is only down to $80,526. That means half way through the term you would have only repaid 20% of what you originally borrowed.
*Based on a 30 year mortgage.
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What are the Biweekly Benefits?

  • Pay off your loan 7-11 years sooner.
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars in interest.
  • Build equity 200-300% faster.
  • Lower your loan's effective interest rate.
  • Protect your mortgage credit history.


It's simple, pay biweekly not monthly! Equity Guard Biweeklysm payment program helps you pay off your mortgage years in advance by changing the frequency, not the amount of your payments. By electronically withdrawing one half of a payment from your bank account every two weeks instead of one whole payment per month, your loan can be paid off 7 to 10 years in advance. Equity Guard Biweeklysm also allows you to pay any amount extra you can afford to get the maximum benefit with our program. You choose how fast you want your mortgage to be paid off and we will help you meet your goal.

How Much Can I Actually Save And How Do I Get Started?

Everyone's situation is different so we encourage you to go to our free biweekly calculator to see just how much you can save.


For more information or to enroll in the Biweekly Plan, please contact your personal Equity Guard Biweeklysm Consultant. If you are unable to contact them please call the number below and we will have them contact you. You may leave a detailed message (name, company name, city, state of your EGB Consultant) requesting a return call from them.

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