Equity Guard Biweekly
for Homeowners

Homeowners FAQ

Experts say, "If you want to get ahead financially, a biweekly mortgage payment program is a must!"

What is a biweekly mortgage payment program?

The concept is simple. A biweekly mortgage payment program helps you pay off your mortgage years in advance by changing the frequency, not the amount, of your payments. One half of a payment is electronically withdrawn from your account every two weeks instead of one whole payment once per month.

What are the benefits?

  • Pay off your loan 5 to 7 years sooner
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars in interest
  • Build equity 200-300% faster
  • Lower your loan's effective interest rate
  • Protect your mortgage credit history
  • Simplify making your mortgage payments with automatic withdrawals

How are my payments made?

Your payments are automatically withdrawn from your account and sent to your mortgage company. This process is done electronically by Equity Guard Biweeklysm, so it's no inconvenience to you. Personal account information is available at any time upon request.

Is it safe?

Funds are electronically transferred from clients' accounts into a Federally Insured bank account. Transfers are made through an Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment system strictly monitored by the Federal Reserve. All fund transfers are protected by Federal Banking laws and Federal Reserve regulations. Protecting your investments is our primary concern. You can rest assured with the safety and security of Equity Guard Biweeklysm.

What happens if I refinance, move, or my mortgage is sold?

Equity Guard Biweeklysm will transfer to your new lender at no charge. Just give us your new loan information and we'll take care of the rest.

Will it affect the terms or conditions of my loan?

The original terms of your loan do not change. With Equity Guard Biweeklysm, the only change will be the interest you save and the years you cut off of your mortgage.

Why can't I just do this on my own?

Statistics show that only 3% of homeowners pre-pay their mortgages, and only 1% keep pre-paying through the course of their loan. For the best results, a biweekly mortgage program has to be adhered to for the entire mortgage term. What Equity Guard Biweeklysm does is provide you the discipline, technology, and professional account management to maximize your savings potential.