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What is a biweekly mortgage payment program?

It's really very simple. A biweekly mortgage payment program helps borrowers pay off their mortgage years in advance by changing the frequency, not the amount, of their payments. One half of a payment is electronically transferred from borrowers' account every two weeks (14 days). This accelerated payment plan saves clients thousands in interest payments and cuts years off their mortgage. (See BiWeekly Calculator for more details.)

How much money can I make by offering Equity Guard Biweeklysm?

You can expect a 30% or greater increase in your income by offering Equity Guard Biweeklysm. You determine the enrollment fee, as it may vary from loan to loan. Simply subtract the small application setup fee, and the rest is added to your bottom line. Keep in mind that the client enrollment fee is considered a third party bill and not a closing cost. However many mortgage professionals get paid on the HUD-1 for the client enrollment fee. When you consider that most consultants have a high enrollment rate with Equity Guard Biweeklysm, that's serious money. Our low setup fee or only $99 per application is your only biweekly business cost. Example: 10 enrollments at $495 each - $99 per app fees = $3960 gross net to your company!

How big is the market for Equity Guard Biweeklysm?

Quite simply, the market is huge. Homeowners are financing and refinancing their homes in record numbers, and every person that walks through your door looking for mortgage solutions is a potential Equity Guard Biweeklysm enrollee. With Equity Guard Biweeklysm in your product mix, not only will you close more new loans, but you can also add Equity Guard Biweeklysm to previously closed loans. Surely they will be interested in saving thousands of dollars too, right? That's a lot of clients, and a lot of additional income for you.

How are clients' payments transferred and protected?

Funds are electronically transferred from clients' accounts into a Federally Insured bank account. Transfers are made through an Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment system strictly regulated by Regulation E. Protecting borrowers' investments is our primary concern and you can rest assured with the safety and security of Equity Guard Biweeklysm. And most importantly your client's mortgage will be paid on time helping them to maintain and build a good credit rating.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Just fill out the Online Consultant Signup Form, and we will immediately e-mail your Authorized Equity Guard Biweeklysm Consultant Number along with your username and password to the Consultants Only Web Pages.

Before your appointments, use biweekly calculator to generate a personalized biweekly analysis with your client's proposed loan. Take the application and biweekly plan analysis to your appointments and watch your loans sell themselves! Then simply fax in the completed application with the client's "Voided" check.

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