Equity Guard Biweekly
for Mortgage Professionals

It just makes
dollars and sense!

With Equity Guard Biweeklysm we work to build your clients' equity faster, and you take all the credit.

Your Client's Equity Acceleration from the biweekly Mortgage Plan creates potential new loans with your client faster. It's Easy Money!
  • Apply on-line and get started reaping the rewards!
  • We manage all account and client services.
  • We use the latest technology for flawless electronic transfers and payment tracking.
  • Client first debit dates are available within 7 working days of application receipt.
  • Clients and Consultants have easy online access to account information.
If you are ready to increase your income by 30% or more, as well as provide your clients a much-needed service, Enroll Today. We look forward to doing business with you, and so will your clients enjoy the benefits of the biweekly Mortgage Plan.

It's in your best interest.

Quite simply, Equity Guard Biweeklysm will add to your bottom line. Homeowners are financing and refinancing their homes in record numbers, yet very few lenders offer a biweekly mortgage service. By adding Equity Guard Biweeklysm to your product mix, you will help your clients save thousands of dollars in interest by cutting 5 to 7 years off their mortgage, lowering their effective interest rate, and greatly accelerate their equity growth. By providing this "Mortgage Accessory" your clients want and need, you will generate extra income with little additional work for you.

You owe it to yourself to see how Equity Guard Biweeklysm can help increase closing rates, referrals and your bottom line!
  • Close more loans
  • Increase your fees
  • Expand your product base
  • Lower effective interest rates without changing the client's loan
  • Increase your bottom line
Getting Started.
Setup is Easy!
Just click the Consultant Signup Form Button above, fill out the web form, and we will immediately e-mail your Authorized Equity Guard Biweeklysm Consultant Number along with your username and password to the Consultants Only Web Pages.

In the Consultants Only Web Pages you will have access to download our proprietary biweekly software and all necessary forms to build your business including the client biweekly applications for your clients. See Sample Client Application Here.

With your Consultant Number you can start to submit completed client applications. Just download our software program in the Consultants Only Web Pages and you can have customized reports ready before your next appointment.

Equity Guard Biweeklysm will set up your client's account within 72 hours of receiving your client's application. You will of course be contacted if there are any questions regarding their application. After submitting your client's application, just sit back and let Equity Guard Biweeklysm do the rest!

Equity Guard Biweeklysm charges a set-up fee per application, along with an EFT fee for each biweekly transfer. As a lender or broker you keep anything you earn above the set-up fee.

Please read the submission guidelines in the Consultant Only Pages for more details and training.

Call Equity Guard Biweeklysm Consultant Services
1-800-397-2060 for answers to your questions and help getting started!